Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onCrime

1 Ensure current federal drug abuse and addiction prevention efforts are better coordinated, improved with evidence-based models and closely monitored for results 0
2 Encourage “Abuse Deterrent Formulations” (“ADF opioids”) of prescription painkillers 0
3 Ensure federal law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to target illicit drug pipelines and supply chains 0
4 Require all federal agencies involved in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Investigative Support Centers to develop a process to coordinate efforts across agents in the field, monitor their progress towards drug control and evaluate results 0
5 Support policies that distinguish pill mills from evidence-based pain clinics 0
6 Provide support to states in their role exercising effective oversight of pain clinics 0
7 Enact smarter sentencing laws for drug offenders, with stiff consequences for drug lords, cartels and violent drug traffickers 0
8 Ensure nonviolent drug offenders obtain the necessary treatment and more quickly return to their communities with reduced mandatory sentences 0
9 Broaden access to drug courts 0
10 Strengthen and coordinate Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) to monitor and analyze electronic prescribing and dispensing data 0
11 Promote innovation for a suite of treatment and recovery tools that align with individuals’ unique medical needs and beliefs 0
12 Conduct a rigorous evaluation of existing prevention, treatment and recovery programs to ensure funding supports evidence-based programs and to consistently monitor results 0
13 Overhaul current efforts across the federal government to reduce duplication of efforts and maximize impact 0
14 Repeal Obama’s anti-gun executive actions 0
15 Oppose all legislative actions that impose unnecessary burdens on law-abiding gun owners 0
16 Nominate and fight for conservative judges who have a deep respect for the Constitution and the Second Amendment 0
17 Appoint an attorney general who will enforce existing laws rather than demanding new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners 0
18 Fix our mental health system to ensure that the medical records of those who are dangerously mentally ill are entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System 0
19 Establish a national goal of “no net loss” of sportsmen’s access 0
20 Support a set-aside in the Land and Water Conservation Fund for funding easements, acquisitions or other projects that provide access for hunting, angling and other recreational activities on landlocked federal lands 0