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Establish a national goal of “no net loss” of sportsmen’s access

Americans should be encouraged – not discouraged – to fish, hike, hunt and camp on federal lands. Yet millions of acres of public land in the West are inaccessible to the public, due to historic checkerboard land ownership patterns and inadequate points of entry. ?I understand that lack of access to lands is a primary reason that hunters stop participating in this traditional sport. As the governor of Florida, I instituted a “no net loss” policy for sportsmen’s access. I also signed a law ensuring Florida citizens had the right to carry firearms for lawful purposes while in national forests and state parks, and I signed legislation that provided free hunting and fishing licenses to Florida’s men and women serving in the armed forces. To continue to encourage families to seek out and enjoy outdoor activities, as president I will establish a national goal of “no net loss” of sportsmen’s access.

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