Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onCrime

Support policies that distinguish pill mills from evidence-based pain clinics

President Jeb Bush will ensure federal law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to target illicit drug pipelines and supply chains. He will require all federal agencies involved in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Investigative Support Centers to develop a process to coordinate efforts across agents in the field, monitor their progress towards drug control and evaluate results. He will support policies that distinguish pill mills from evidence-based pain clinics, and he will provide support to states in their role exercising effective oversight of pain clinics. President Jeb Bush will enact smarter sentencing laws for drug offenders, with stiff consequences for drug lords, cartels and violent drug traffickers, while ensuring nonviolent drug offenders obtain the necessary treatment and more quickly return to their communities with reduced mandatory sentences. President Jeb Bush will broaden access to drug courts, an alternative to the traditional courts and punishment system so that nonviolent drug offenders are screened for risk, and then given the option to obtain treatment and recover under close court monitoring and supervision for at least a year.

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