Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onEducation

1 Ensure that all Americans graduate from high school, college or career ready, and have the opportunity to pursue affordable post-secondary education or training 0
2 Convert 529 college savings accounts into Education Savings Accounts 0
3 Allow states to give funds directly to parents and let them choose the type of education that their children need 0
4 Support charter school expansion, reauthorize and strengthen the DC Opportunity Scholarship program, and allow states to make federal funds portable 0
5 Reward low-income and high needs schools who improve student outcomes with additional dollars 0
6 Recruit new talent to the teaching profession, reward top teachers in a state’s lowest performing schools, and create individual training accounts that teachers can use to further their own profession 0
7 Require states to ensure every citizen, parent and teacher receives a complete, useful and timely picture of student achievement, system progress and finances in their schools, while safeguarding student privacy 0
8 Invest in research and support innovative models 0
9 Replace the federal loan program with an entirely new, income-based financing system 0
10 Provide all high school graduates access to a $50,000 line of credit through their Education Savings Account 0
11 Give low-income students, in addition to the $50,000 line of credit, access to an improved need-based Pell Grant through their Education Savings Account 0
12 Ensure colleges have “skin in the game” by forcing institutions to share the risk of failure with students 0
13 Expand access to new models of education 0
14 Incentivize the creation of state databases that make information on student outcomes available to the public 0
15 Help borrowers with existing debt by allowing them to transfer into the new income based repayment system 0