Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onEnvironment

1 Support moving the Department of the Interior headquarters from Washington, DC to a location closer to the lands it manages and the people it most affects 0
2 Direct agencies to give deference to states to determine what land uses are sustainable and most compatible for citizens who live in a particular area 0
3 Practice dynamic and partnership-based decision-making starting with convening a meeting of Westerners to agree on a better framework for cooperative decision 0
4 Adopt “states-first” wildlife conservation policies that provide more deference to state plans for protecting and restoring species’ populations 0
5 Back the temporary modification of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to better consolidate and maintain federal assets 0
6 Providing our national parks with a 100th anniversary gift by supporting the redirection of a portion of acquisition funds to reduce the backlog of maintenance projects in our national parks 0
7 Target federal acquisition funds at inholdings and enhance existing lands and outdoor recreation opportunities 0
8 Support the permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to provide greater certainty of funding for states 0
9 Convene the nation’s top experts on forest health to develop a new national wildfire policy 0
10 Reaffirm western water rights by protecting against federal encroachment of surface and groundwater resources and stopping the Waters of the United States rule in its tracks 0
11 Expedite funding, studies and permitting for water infrastructure, especially water storage projects, as one way to address historic drought conditions 0
12 Support a “two is enough” permitting policy whereby projects on federal lands requiring federal approval must be permitted or rejected within two years unless there are unusual circumstances 0