Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onForeign Policy

1 Support the Iraqi forces, including directly arming the Kurdish Peshmerga and re-engaging with the Sunni tribes 0
2 Increase the accuracy and lethality of our airpower against ISIS 0
3 Give U.S. forces greater range of action, embedding them with Iraqi units and removing overly-restrictive rules of engagement 0
4 Defeat Assad and ensure his regime is not replaced by something as bad or worse 0
5 Expand and improve the recruitment and training of Syrian forces fighting ISIS 0
6 Establish multiple safe zones, and along with our partners, a no-fly zone in Syria 0
7 Increase our commitment to NATO, including sending an Army Special Forces Group back to European Command 0
8 Increase our presence, restore alliances and build new partnerships in Asia 0
9 Increase partner-building exercises with foreign militaries to lessen the load on U.S. forces 0
10 Opposes the $1 trillion in defense cuts passed by President Obama and Congress 0
11 Increase the size of the Army by 40,000 soldiers and the size of the Marine Corps by 4,000 Marines 0
12 Increase the size of the Navy and increase Virginia-class submarine production 0
13 Replace aircrafts that are older than our pilots 0
14 Reduce DC bureaucrats to free up resources for more uniformed military 0
15 Increase and broaden the choice veterans have of their doctor 0
16 Fire bureaucrats who refuse to make bidding for VA contracts competitive 0
17 Improve whistleblower protections 0
18 Address the wait list for care 0
19 Verans should be able to login, make or cancel an appointment, and check on the status of that appointment with little hassle 0
20 The VA should explore public-private partnerships to replace shoddy software 0
21 The VA should team with the private sector to create a single, safe credential for veterans that verifies their service and eligibility for benefits 0
22 Allow the GI bill to be used to insure a small business loan 0
23 Prepare for the further growth in the female veterans population with responsive programs in organization, staff, and training 0
24 Engage the female veterans population and making them aware of the care options available to them 0