Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onJobs & Economy

1 Require regulators to live within a budget – for every one dollar of regulatory cost they propose, they will need to also propose ways to save an equivalent dollar through regulatory relief 0
2 Enhance and enforce presidential control over regulations to ensure that regulations do not impose large burdens on the economy or American workers 0
3 Lift the ban on crude oil exports and liberalize natural gas exports 0
4 Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline 0
5 Reduce overregulation in the energy industry 0
6 Defer to the will of states and tribes and let the citizens and leaders weigh the benefits and costs of oil and gas development 0
7 Boost funding for high-priority basic research and increase the effectiveness of our national labs 0
8 Create a level playing field for all energy sources including nuclear, renewables, coal, natural gas, oil and alternative fuels 0
9 Remove burdensome government regulations, subsidies and other barriers 0
10 Establish a two-year deadline for completing the federal permitting process for major transportation projects 0
Social Security
11 Make it easier for Americans to save more of their own money for retirement, reducing the need to rely only on Social Security 0
12 Reduce unnecessary burdens to make it easier for employers, especially small businesses, to offer retirement plans 0
13 Help small business workers by allowing them to automatically save part of their salary in a “starter 401(k)” plan 0
14 Allow multiple small businesses to access a single retirement savings plan for all their employees 0
15 Encourage employers to automatically enroll their employees in a retirement savings plan 0
16 Eliminate the 10 percent arbitrary limit on this savings tool 0
17 Give smaller checks to those who choose to retire early and bigger checks to seniors who choose to wait to claim Social Security benefits 0
18 Eliminate the retirement earnings test 0
19 Increase the Social Security retirement age 0
20 Provide a minimum retirement benefit for low-income workers 0
21 Slow the growth of costs over time by adjusting benefits for wealthier seniors 0
22 Change how Social Security checks are updated each year 0