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Reduce overregulation in the energy industry

Energy resources must be developed in a way that protects human health and the environment. Rules play an important role in making sure this is the case. But the Obama Administration’s excessive rules too often usurp state and tribal authority and go beyond what is necessary.

Overregulation affects energy directly and indirectly. Some new rules, such as overwriting state and tribal standards for hydraulic fracturing operations, directly discourage investment in domestic oil and gas operations. Other, broader regulations, such as Obama’s Carbon Rule, attempt to impose the President’s conception of how everyone should produce and consume energy.

The damaging effect such heavy-handed regulation has, not only on energy security but on American households, is largely hidden to the average consumer. For instance, unless it is quickly addressed by the courts, in the near-term, Obama’s Carbon Rule will increase electricity prices for everyone and threaten the system’s reliability.

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