Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's policies onEducation

Strengthen and protect the GI bill's educational benefits

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides veterans who have served our country for at least three years since September 11, 2001 with fully-paid-for tuition-and-fees at public schools, a stipend for books, and a housing allowance for cost-of-living. More than 1 million of our veterans have now benefited from the Post-9/11 GI bill. But vets need support to be sure they are not being defrauded of these benefits, have full information on the success rate of college and universities, and receive educational counseling and support along the way to complete their education.

Clinton's New College Compact will close the 90-10 loophole for-profit schools use to prey on veterans, ban schools from receiving federal student aid if they are found guilty of fraudulently recruiting students, build on the VA’s effort to provide full and easy access to information on the retention rates, transfer-out rates, and graduation/program completion rates of schools serving veterans, expand the VetSuccess on Campus program to support veterans transitioning to college, and include zero tolerance for loan servicers that overcharge service members and veterans.

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