Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's policies onScience & Tech

1 Invest in computer science and STEM education 0
2 Create a lifelong learning system that is better tailored to 21st-century jobs 0
3 Increase access to capital for small businesses and start-ups 0
4 Attract and retain top talent from around the world 0
5 Invest in science and technology research and development, as well as in technology transfer 0
6 Ensure benefits are flexible, portable, and comprehensive, as the economy changes and as Americans join the labor force in new capacities 0
7 Deploy 5G wireless and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections and enable the Internet of Things 0
8 Connect public spaces like airports, mass transit systems, recreation centers, and career centers to high-speed internet so they can offer free wifi to the public 0
9 Launch a model digital communities program that encourages communities to foster greater access to high-speed internet for their residents at affordable prices 0
10 Grow American technology exports, while fighting to protect U.S. IP against piracy 0
11 Promote cyber security at home and abroad 0
12 Safeguard the free flow of information across borders 0
13 Update procedures concerning cross-border requests for data by law enforcement 0
14 Improve the patent system to reward innovators 0
15 Reduce barriers to entry to promote healthy competition 0
16 Ensure an effective copyright system that protects creative content, while unlocking access to orphan works and promoting open-licensing arrangements for materials supported by federal grant funding 0
17 Affirm strong consumer protection values without stifling innovation 0
18 Commit that 100 percent of households in America will have access to high-speed, affordable broadband by 2020 0
19 Fight for an open internet abroad 0
20 Work to leave internet governance to the global community of engineers, companies, civil society groups, and internet users—not to governments 0
21 Defend net neutrality 0
22 Protect online privacy and security 0