Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's policies onScience & Tech

Ensure benefits are flexible, portable, and comprehensive, as the economy changes and as Americans join the labor force in new capacities

The digital economy is creating exciting opportunities for Americans to join the labor force in new capacities. It is enabling people to offer their services as freelancers and contractors, to earn extra cash through flexible and part-time work and assorted gigs, and to connect with customers and clients all over the country. These changes in the economy are also presenting new questions about the future of work in America, and about how to ensure that we have adequate protections for workers and families. Hillary believes that as our economy changes and more Americans take advantage of new work opportunities, the government must do all that it can to ensure that benefits are flexible, portable, and comprehensive. The Affordable Care Act, which created a subsidized health insurance alternative for millions of Americans who don’t have insurance through their employers, made an enormous difference in ensuring health security. We must consider more ways in which the government can build the next era safety net in other areas. Hillary will convene a high level working group of experts, business and labor leaders to recommend how best to ensure that people have the benefits and security they need no matter how they work.

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