Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley's policies onForeign Policy

1 Fully implement the recommendations of the Veterans Choice Act Independent Assessment 0
2 Apply VetStat to the VA to improve transparency, accountability and outcomes 0
3 Lead a national call to action to prevent veteran suicide 0
4 Improve interoperability between the pentagon, VA and state health exchanges 0
5 Expand veteran hiring preferences and recruitment at the VA 0
6 Further empower the VA inspector general 0
7 Create a nationwide framework to improve identification of and outreach to veterans 0
8 Improve and expand training for health care practitioners on veterans’ issues 0
9 Reform the VA for America’s growing women veteran population 0
10 Reach full employment for veterans by 2020 0
11 Pass the Veterans Full Employment Act on a national level 0
12 Launch an apprenticeship program to facilitate transitioning service members 0
13 Create a single-source database of veteran-preferred employers 0
14 Convene an inter-agency task force to improve career counseling 0
15 Expand national service opportunities for veterans 0
16 Crackdown on for-profit colleges that exploit education benefits 0
17 Strengthen ehe Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act 0
18 End veterans homelessness with a housing first approach 0
19 Utilize VetStat to better evaluate and end veteran homelessness 0
20 Integrate employment and housing strategies to prevent and end homelessness 0
21 Ensure the continuation of White House initiatives such as “Joining Forces” 0
22 Incorporate public service into veterans programs and institutions 0
23 Dedicate national service opportunities to bridge the civilian-military divide 0
24 Cut red tape inhibiting greater partnership and collaboration 0
25 Propose legislation establishing a post-9/11 veterans memorial 0
26 Provide clean service records for discharged LGBT troops 0
27 Commit the VA to assess and promulgate best practices at Veterans Treatment Courts 0
28 Reform the discharge system to prevent wrongful OTH discharges 0
29 Ensure appropriate legal counsel for those facing OTH discharges 0
30 Work with congress to pass the Military Justice Improve Act 0
31 Direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect military families 0
32 Support a professional licensing and certification tax credit for military spouses 0
33 Streamline military spouse hiring information 0
34 Encourage every state to grant in-state tuition to military families 0
35 Urge states to fully synchronize school registration requirements 0
36 Support adequate funding for military childcare programs 0