Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley's policies onGovernment

1 Ensure key political appointees are independent of Wall Street 0
2 Appoint to key positions to individuals committed to pursuing criminal cases 0
3 Require the SEC director of the division of enforcement to be a presidential appointee, subject to senate confirmation 0
4 Institute a three-year revolving door ban 0
5 Institute an additional three-year mandatory disclosure rule 0
6 Require the General Counsel at the Fed to be a presidential appointee 0
7 Require the president of the New York Fed to be a presidential appointee 0
8 Require the Board of Governors to vote on all major decisions, including those regarding financial reform 0
9 Immediately double funding for CFTC and SEC 0
10 Create a standalone economic crimes division within DOJ 0
11 Implement points accrual system to crack down on recidivist banks 0
12 End days of “neither admit nor deny.” 0
13 Require transparency around use of deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) and non prosecution agreements (NPAs) 0
14 Crack down on SEC's use of waivers by requiring public votes, statements on them 0
15 Separate risky investment banking from ordinary commercial banking 0
16 Immediately reinstate Glass-Steagall 0
17 Right-size big banks using living wills 0
18 Mandate higher capital requirements for big banks 0
19 Implement a financial transaction tax to limit high-frequency trading 0
20 Fight to overturn Citizens United 0
21 Push to establish a constitutional right to vote 0
22 Support bipartisan redistricting commissions 0
23 Provide Americans with a $25 refundable My Voice tax credit for contributing to candidates for Congressional office 0
24 Establish a national Freedom From Influence Fund 0
25 Provide additional public financing to congressional candidates who raise at least $50,000 in small-dollar donations in the 60 days before an election 0
26 Fight for a new FEC 0
27 Strengthen existing disclosure requirements 0
28 Restrict coordinated campaign activity 0
29 Strengthen enforcement of campaign finance laws 0
30 Use executive authority to increase transparency 0
31 Pass expanded disclosure laws 0