Martin O'Malley

Martin O'Malley's policies onHealthcare

Treat multi-employer and high-cost plans fairly

O’Malley believes that workers who have bargained with their employers to secure high-quality health care should continue to have access to such care under the ACA. To protect workers’ hard-earned benefits, O’Malley will ensure that multi-employer plans are treated fairly under the law. He will direct his Administration to review the decision to exclude multi-employer plans from the exchanges, while working to find other ways to include the plans.

In addition, O’Malley supports efforts to repeal the existing excise tax on high-cost plans before it goes into effect. Any assessment on benefits must be designed so that it rewards smarter healthcare spending, rather than punishing workers for the continued rise in healthcare costs. O’Malley will work with labor unions to develop solutions that reduce insurance costs while limiting employers’ ability to shift costs or risks to employees.

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