Rand Paul

Rand Paul's policies onAll

1 Break the cycle of incarceration for non-violent ex-offenders 0
2 Create a judicial process for adults to seal non-violent criminal records on the federal level 0
3 Create an automatic expungement of records for non-violent juveniles under the age of 15 0
4 Mandate the FBI to update their criminal background check system to ensure that employers receive accurate information 0
5 Allow judges to make individualized determinations about the proper punishment for defendants 0
6 Allow judges to depart from mandatory minimum sentencing laws if they find that it is in the best interests of justice to do so 0
7 Restore the voting rights of every non-violent felon in the country 0
8 Re-classify simple possession of controlled substances – very small amounts – as a misdemeanor rather than a low-level felony 0
9 Eliminate the crack-cocaine disparity 0
10 Uphold the entire Bill of Rights, specifically the right to bear arms 0
11 Do not support any proposed gun control law which would limit the right to gun ownership by those who are responsible, law-abiding citizens 0
12 Let states decide marijuana laws 0
13 The Federal Government should not dictate what happens in our local classrooms 0
14 Children should not be constricted to a one-size-fits-all format 0
Foreign Policy
15 Follow the Constitution and seek Congressional approval before sending troops into harm's way 0
16 Stand with Israel and our allies abroad 0
17 Explore all diplomatic options before sending our armed forces into battle 0
18 Provide our veterans the necessary support tools as they adjust back to civilian life 0
19 Work to balance the budget 0
20 Immediately end the NSA's illegal bulk data collection 0
21 Continue to support term limits 0
22 Fight to audit the Fed and restore transparency 0
23 Cut regulations and take power away from unelected bureaucrats 0
24 Ensure that the federal government has clear and convincing evidence that seized property was being used for illegal purposes before it is forfeited 0
25 Eliminate the ability of state law enforcement to circumvent state asset forfeiture laws and use more lenient federal standards instead 0
26 Repeal Obamacare 0
27 Ensure that real free-market principles are applied to the American health care system 0
28 Strongly support legislation restricting federal courts from hearing cases like Roe v. Wade 0
29 Stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to groups who perform or advocate for abortion 0
30 Do not support amnesty 0
31 Secure the border immediately 0
32 Implement the "Trust but Verify" immigration plan 0
Jobs & Economy
33 Cut the red tape and encourage energy freedom, new technologies, and discoveries 0
34 Support the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline 0
35 Commit to developing a sound, innovative, and safe energy policy 0
36 Fx the shortfalls in the Social Security program through a gradual increase in the age of full retirement and by means testing yearly earnings, while preserving those benefits for near and current retirees 0
37 Introduce a 14.5% flat tax on individuals and businesses 0
38 Eliminate payroll taxes 0