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Cut regulations and take power away from unelected bureaucrats

Counteracting excessively burdensome government regulations has become a centerpiece of my tenure in Washington. All my actions seek to find a balance between environmental, safety and health protection, without compromising the ability of family businesses to flourish.

Unelected bureaucrats should not have the power to enact regulations that affect the lives of everyday Americans. It is important that those citizens are made aware of how these regulations come to be. Whether it’s Obamacare or EPA regulations, cutting red tape and opening the regulatory process to scrutiny is an important step in holding government accountable to all Americans.

In the Senate, I proudly introduced the Regulations from the Executive Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act. This legislation is designed to increase accountability for and transparency in the Federal regulatory process.

As President, I will cut regulations and take power away from unelected bureaucrats who are trampling our freedom and rights. I will place common sense and reasonable limitations on a bureaucracy that seeks to target well-intentioned businesses with burdensome regulations.

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