Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders's policies onCrime

1 Ban for-profit prisons 0
2 Boost investments for programs that help people who have gone to jail rebuild their lives with education and job training 0
3 Investigate local governments that are using implicit or explicit quotas for arrests or stops 0
4 Stop local governments that are relying on fines, fees or asset forfeitures as a steady source of revenue 0
5 Prevent employers from discriminating against applicants 0
6 Eliminate mandatory minimums 0
7 Take marijuana off the federal government’s list of outlawed drugs 0
8 Allow people in states which legalize marijuana to be able to fully participate in the banking system 0
9 Invest in drug courts and medical and mental health interventions for people with substance abuse problems 0
10 Strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system 0
11 Close the gun-show loophole 0
12 Make 'straw man' purchases a federal crime 0
13 Ban semi-automatic assault weapons 0
14 Recognize that the mental health system is seriously broken 0
15 Demilitarize police forces 0
16 Invest in community policing 0
17 Create a police culture that allows for good officers to report the actions of bad officers without fear of retaliation 0
18 Establish a new model police training program that reorients the way we do law enforcement 0
19 Fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers 0
20 Require police departments and states to collect data on all police shootings and deaths that take place while in police custody 0
21 Set new rules on the allowable use of force 0
22 Police departments must investigate all allegations of wrongdoing 0
Racial Justice
23 Re-enfranchise the more than two million African-Americans who have had their right to vote taken away by a felony conviction 0
24 Restore the “pre-clearance” formula under the Voting Rights Act 0
25 Put an end to discriminatory laws and the purging of minority-community names from voting rolls 0